The Star Crusader The Star Crusader

Come see the night sky, with The Star Crusader

"Explore the universe and have fun!"

The Milky Way from Lockwood Valley, California

At Star Tours Unlimited, the sky is no limit!

You can discover the universe - live on television!

Humans have always been explorers and scientists. We love to discover new things. It is fun and exciting to explore the universe - and learn about astronomy - when you do it with the Star Tours Unlimited. You can see the night sky, the easy way, with the Star Crusader! We are now giving private tours of the universe with one of the best telescope collections in California. Experience the night sky like you have never seen it before. We show you planets like Jupiter and Saturn, Luna (our moon); objects in our Milky Way Galaxy, such as star clusters, globulars, red stars, double stars, and nebulae; and far away galaxies. At the same time we also teach you how the Earth fits into this universe.

We specialize in star parties for groups, schools, universities, astronomy clubs, science classes, and private parties. Eyepiece and/or television views through our variety of computerized telescopes - up to 28 inches of aperture - will provide views equal to many professional observatories. Take a tour of outer space and expand your horizons.

Our programs combine entertainment and science education into the same package. We will come to your location - or we will take you to a dark-sky site. Show your friends and family the wonders of the night sky! Astronomy to go - you will love it! Located in and serving Southern California.

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Jon Schwartz
The Star Crusader!!

The Star Crusader


The Star Crusader The Star Crusader